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Why People Really Respond

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

There’s a chance we might have met but probably not.

Despite that, I know something about you because you’re reading this.

You want to know how to get a better response from your sales messages.

A lot of people go through the regular sales motions.

And they worry.

They worry if that sales letter or promotion will bring home gold.

When it comes to sales and copywriting you should and need to care most about one thing.

Do they know and value you.

You've paid big bucks for a fancy website. You got a cool looking logo. Your product or service offering is decent.

But crickets. Your sales manager hates crickets.

You start to second guess yourself.

You might even get depressed.

People will usually respond, if it speaks to their inner needs.

Does what you're offering offer a real solution their pains?

It might but I'd be willing to bet you're not twisting the knife into their pain points deep enough.

Before you call the cops.

Relax. I'm of sound mind.

Think about the how people will view what you’ve written.

We don’t yet have the technology (that I know of) to connect our brains with a cable and collectively think.

We think for ourselves and by ourselves first and foremost.

Knowing that, we should write as if we’re speaking directly to one person. Not as a mass group.

Write to a single person.

You’re not speaking to a crowd.

Make it personal.

Humans have a superpower built in, that automatically filters material. The brain almost instantly figures out if what is coming into it is relevant to you or not. If not, it ignores it. 

If it does, your senses perk up and take note. 

The way you can make it relevant; try this, Dear Mike, I was thinking about you today…

Treat clients as individuals.

It boggles my mind how often I've heard a salesperson launch into how great their product is and how much the donate to charity before even figuring out what's important to ME.

People are only interested in themselves.

NO ONE cares about you.

Think about when you walk down the hall at your office. You see some off in the distance but can't quite make out who it is.

You're brain is scrambling - Who is that person?

If you know them and like them then you strike up a conversation.

If not, you put your head down and keep walking or make a quick detour.

It’s the same with your copy and emails.

People look first to see Who the writer is. Not what the subject is.

You need to get yourself known and create a relationship with that person.

Create a good relationship by providing value and real solutions to their pains and problems.

Think about those times when you get a message from a close friend or relative. 

The first thing you look for is who its From then the subject line.

I'll talk more about how to grab their attention in another article.

Chat soon,


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