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Why do so many people enjoy setting their mouths on fire?

...and how understanding this will cause your sales to explode.

As a kid, I used to avoid eating anything spicy.

If I detected any small specks of black pepper in my food, it would send me running from the table. That was then.

Times a change.

I now add spice or hot sauce to almost anything that would go with it.

We actually have a section in the fridge dedicated to the hot stuff and many more backup bottles in the pantry.

But why do people want to intentionally burn their mouth (and other parts of their body) by eating spicy food or hot sauce?

It’s the FREE response they get from the pain.

When that beautiful hot sauce dances across your bell clapper in your mouth, your brain releases endorphins and dopamine.

This amazing chemical reaction creates a sense of euphoria or “runners high”.

And who doesn’t love a natural high without the legal problems?

Apparently Lots, and lots of people - all over the world.

And how does this relate to your business and sales…

Think for a second about how you name your products and services.

Go ahead...list them out. I’ll wait.

Now - I want you to compare your list, to how these hot sauce nutjobs name their spicy concoctions.

Check out some of these doozies:

  • “Weapons of Ass Destruction”

  • “So Hot It’ll Make Yuh Bleed”

  • “Tom’s Roid-Rippin’ Hot Sauce”

  • “Colon Destroyer”

  • “Rectal Rocket Fuel”

I’m willing to bet your product(s) or service names sound like plain ole Corn Flakes compared to these.

It’s ok.

The hot sauce industry is one of the few where products can brag about how much pain they will cause you.

Some (ok most) of these outrageous names exist solely for the shock value.

And of course there is a section of the market that have “normal names”.

But who’s attracted to normal?

When you want to grab your reader's attention, you can’t be normal.

Now check this out…

If you study copywriting you'll eventually come across the term “salesmanship in print.”

Said differently, copywriting is selling in print - wherever you use words.

When we think about the hot sauce names - they are novelty names BUT they are also fantasy.

In other words, your names and how you describe your products/services should be a fantasy for your reader.

Most people, generally lead boring lives.

To counter this, we like to dream.

We fantasize about things we want to have...

Like a model partner or a fancy car, a nice house, or a nice vacation.

If you want to boost your responses to your ads, you have to learn what your market fantasizes about.

Try to figure out how your product fits into their fantasy... and then work it

into your ad/salespage/emails etc.

Part of that is how you name your stuff.

Why not take a chance and supercharge your reader's fantasies?

Then of course you have to show them show them how your product or service can solve their pain or issue.

When you connect your product or service with your reader's deepest fantasies - You Win.

Do you need help with getting your readers to act?

Send me a message here and let's see if I can help you.

Chat soon,


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