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Why Do People Buy A Lot Of Stuff At One Time?

Imagine for a min you’re out at the local hardware store getting some light bulbs.

Maybe some of those new LED types.

As you’re driving back home you notice the neighbours have gathered on the curb outside of your house.

Oddly, they’re all looking up. All of them phones in hand. Some of them probably live streaming to Fakebook or Instagram.

As you pull up to the house you see this.

First. That sucks.

Second. There goes the rest of your day.

And oh BTW, the weather app says there’s a rain storm coming.

What do you you?

Some would stand, stare, and swear.

Maybe call the house insurance company...surely that’ll be a great experience - just like the commercials make it out to be.

Maybe you’re feeling handy and you jump back in your car and head to the big box hardware store for some sheets of plywood.

Point is you have a big ass problem and you need it fixed. ASAP.

With this doozie, a roll of tape and some cardboard is not going to cut it.

No sir…

This is going to require a full shopping cart.

When people are trying to fix an immediate problem, they tend to spend a LOT of money to fix that problem.

Most marketers understand this.

But most marketers don’t understand that there’s an important window of opportunity for all of that spending AND it is incredibly short.

This kind of thing tends to happen in every market, doesn’t matter the product or service.

Let’s say for example, that you sell personal weight training services for overweight guys.

If someone makes the decision to purchase one of your products or services, they’ve made a choice to fix a problem in their life.

Obviously this didn’t happen overnight. But something has caused an alarm to go off in his head that says - “fix this now”!

Your BEST chance of getting him to buy more of our products is RIGHT AWAY when he’s in heat.

Most businesses tend to screw this up.

That’s great that you made one initial sale.

But where are the multiple follow ups afterwards?

Your guy has a BIG problem and is going to have needs along the way.

You have a hot prospect in hand. Don’t let him cool off.

Where are the phone calls, email follow ups, direct mail outreach?

These should all be major focuses in regards to selling him more of your products and services.

That will help him fix his problem.

And they should be used right after he buys. Not months later when you decide to do another launch.

When a buyer is in “heat” you have to act.

Because a buyer’s “heat” doesn’t usually last very long.

If you have someone itching to lose weight, what else do they need along their path to get that ideal body?

What else could have sold them?

A meal plan, supplements, an updated workout program?

And don’t feel bad for selling like most people do.

Selling them more stuff is a win-win. So long as you’re doing it ethically. You’re helping him.

You make more money, and he gets better results.

Chat soon,


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