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When should you stop marketing and advertising?

Step up to the deadlift platform only if you dare...

I want you to imagine you’re about to approach a deadlift platform...

You’re about to go for a big ass lift...a new PR.

Your knees are wrapped, you put your mouthpiece in and you chalk up.

As you quietly walk to the slowly rub your hands together and the chalk starts to dance in the air.

You’re at the bar with your feet just slightly under the bar and your shins are just barely touching.

You bend over and grab the bar with about a shoulder-width grip.

Then you bend your knees until your shins are touching the bar.

You straighten your lower back...expand your chest out and up.

Here it comes...

You take in a big deep breath...bite down on your mouthpiece and you hold the bar and slowly drive up with the weight.

But half way up…you stop driving.

You stop accelerating upwards and the bar and weights crash back into the platform with a thud and clang.

You step back away from the bar.

You’re frustrated and upset with yourself.

What the hell happened?

And so it goes with your marketing.

You see when you take your foot off the gas you stop driving.

You stop making progress and you’ll never hit that PR.

Likewise...if you stop driving your marketing efforts in the right direction you’ll never hit new sales records.

Look I get it. Every so often you’ll miss a lift. But at least you got off your ass and tried.

Also so long as you continue your marketing efforts, you’re going to have failures.

And that’s ok.

Maybe you misread or misunderstood what your target market really wanted.

Sometimes your offer isn’t what it should be.

Maybe the copywriter had a brain fart.

Whatever it is, you have to keep pushing through.

But remember...good form and quality reps.

None of those half-assed reps and bouncing the weight.

Chat soon,


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