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What if you had an army of salesmen?

Imagine, you have a business with a great product or service.

And you live in a small town, let’s say population 24233.

It’s got One school. One bank. One church. One police station. Oh and One grocery store that also sells your beer and liquor for those that like to take part.

You’ve got some decent sales numbers.

Your current clients are happy. Let’s even assume your customer service is above average - which is unfortunately not very common.

The ole Google reviews are decent and have some details. Not the usual B.S. reviews that get filtered and hand picked.

BUT…you want to expand. You NEED to expand. To keep growing and reaching new parts of town. And eventually, grow your business into the next town.

Now just because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to give you access to an army of salesman. They’re well trained, skilled and experienced at what they do. They’ve proven that they can make sales AND get results.

Imagine how that army could boost your sales figures.

You can and do have access to that army.

That army is your ADVERTISEMENT. YOUR AD - is you door to door salesman.

Your sales army.

With your online presence, your website, your sales page, your emails, can all act like like little soldiers. They can literally go door to door - to thousands of houses - BUT all at once.

Think of a street, in the town. Rows of houses on one side, row of houses on the other.

If you had this army, you wouldn’t send them out there dressed up in clown suits - would you?

Would you have them run up to the door, ring the bell, and then do a song and dance and then run off?

Unless you're a weirdo - Of course not!

When you knock on someone’s door (unexpectedly), they’re thinking…I’m not expecting anyone.

Who could that be and what are they selling?

How can I avoid them?

Can just hide out here in the bathroom until they go away?

The homeowner doesn’t give a crap about you.

Even If you do happen to grab their attention and hold their interest, only then will they will think…

  1. What are you trying to sell me?

  2. How much does it cost?

  3. What’s in it for me?

  4. Why should I trust you?

That’s it. Simple.

Remember they didn’t ask for your AD - (your presence) in their lives.

They didn’t invite you into their house - yet...

You barged in, completely unannounced.

So, if you have something to say, say it. Be clear and to the point.

And don’t be afraid to limit the number of words you use - long copy STILL works.

Whatever you do. Don’t bore your customer.

That alone will lose their interest and attention.

If you join the conversation going on their head, focus on their on their current pains, needs, desires, they will listen to your every word.

Chat soon,


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