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What falling asleep in class taught me...

If you ask me who was my 3rd grade school teacher, I’d tell you it was Mr. Reid.

He was short, round and now that I think of him... sorta reminds me of Professor Klump from The Nutty Professor...just without the glasses.

And he liked to yell at us...a lot. I never knew a person could yell that loud until I met him.

Mr. Reid wore the same yellow shirt, brown tie and brown sport jacket with elbow patches

Yes...he made long lasting impression.

Back then...the desks in class were arranged in rows.

None of this modern day group seating arrangement stuff.

I of course being the academic misfit always opted for a seat in the back of the class.

I figured If I could slink down into my chair low enough, he’d never ask me answer any questions.

That tactic didn’t work so well with Mr. Reid.

You see...Mr. Reid enjoyed taking long and slow strolls...up and down each row.

As he passed by the green chalkboard he would gently pick up the dusty yardstick.

Me thinks Mr. Reid used to watch a few too many old school prison type movies.

As he’d walk up and down the rows...he’d start to slap the yardstick in his hand causing the chalk to dance in the air.

Slowly...back and forth he would slap the yardstick in his hand.

Each time getting a bit louder.

Side note...I think he flipped a coin when he had to decide between being a teacher and a prison guard. he walked up and down the rows he would he would be on the hunt for anyone that stepped outta line.

One wrong move and he would slam that yardstick down onto the desk...sending a loud thunder clap zipping around the cramped class.

What’s more...I still don’t understand how the stick never broke.

I think he used to secretly practice this teaching technique and knew the exact amount of force he needed.

Now for the kicker and in case you’re wondering...Mr. Reid used the stick on my desk...plenty o-times.

You see...even back then, yours sleepy had a knack for falling asleep in class.

Yes...grade 3.

For reasons soon as the lights would go out in class...I’d be out like a light.

And yes...that happened for my entire school career.

Don’t feel bad for me.

It’s kinda like Superman and his reaction to Kryptonite...and I survived to tell about it.

So imagine for a drifting off in class and then...WHAM!

Yardstick smashing off of my desk within inches of my cute, tiny little grade 3 face.

Sure enough...I would literally jump out of my chair.

And as was to the delight of the other students in class who would all burst out laughing every time it happened.

What does this mean for you... and what’s the point of me sharing this embarrassing story from my past?

When it comes to marketing and copywriting for your business…you may want to use the yardstick on your readers and viewers from time to time.

Don’t hit them with it...they have laws against that stuff now.

Just like I used to doze off in class, readers and viewers are bored and starving for something juicy to grab them and hold their attention.

From time to time...they need to be jolted - literally.

Reason why is simple…

Everyone single person is motivated by something and can usually be linked to one of the primal human fears...survival, greed, fear, pleasure, etc.

Now...there are some marketers that will avoid stoking or using “fear” in their pieces.

Personally, I have no problem using fear from time to time and when done ethically.

Look...fear is a raw and basic emotion that you can use to help people realize the cost of their inaction.

Our prospects are often walking around like drunk zombies and they probably don’t realize how bad their situation truly is.

You can share stories like I did of Mr. Reid and how he used the fear of the stick to get me to take action.

One more can emphasize their personal consequences. Maybe something happens if they don't buy?

Play up what they stand to lose.

People will always react much more strongly when they feel they're about to lose something they already have then when they expect to gain something.

Apply these principles to your emails and sales copy and see how it works for you.

Do you need help with your sales and email copy?

Contact me and let’s talk.

Chat soon,


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