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In my other life I used to push a button...

Before I tell you that story, let me hit rewind.

When I started my college years, I worked at Future Shop. Yes, I was one of those guys.

Now before you get angry, just know that I wasn’t the sales guy that pushed the extended warranty on you.

Why you ask? Let me explain...

I couldn’t sell a guy dying of thirst a cold bottle of water!

I knew nothing about sales and then I was thrown into the deep end.

Did I mention, I’m not a good swimmer?

They did send me on a 1 day crash course in sales but the whole focus was on pushing the dreaded CSP - Customer Satisfaction Plan.

Hindsight is 20/30 but I was immature, lacked of focus, motivation or even vision for what was possible if I were to study and practice this amazing skill.

The turn off for me was the hard sales tactics and do or die mentality of selling the extended warranty at all cost.

The humiliating part about this is that management would review the previous days sales figures every morning. They would call out the top performers from each department but they wouldn’t ever mention my name because I was so far down the list.

So what happened Mike?

My sales sucked so bad...I was stuck in the backroom and told to fix computers.

And that was quick end of the first chapter of my sales career.

On the bright side, at that time digital cameras were just coming into the market and no one knew anything about them. I saw the opportunity.

I was amazed and could see the potential of me making millions off of this technology.

I ended up buying a 2 megapixel camera for close to a $500 bucks. That was a lot of money back then but I was hooked.

I started reading and learning all I could about digital cameras. I knew every model and spec like the back of my leg.

That eventually led me to reading and learning about photography.

In 2005 decided to become a photographer and open for business.

I thought to myself, my photography work is - just ok. At the time it was on par with other photographers in the area.

But, all of the competition had a website that looked like it was built in 1994.

I thought, if I can put up a Flash based website (most are too young to know what that is) people would love it and pick me over anyone else.

I’d undercut the competition on price and I’d have people emailing me and my phone ringing off the hook.

That was my plan.

And that bombed.

No one emailed and no one called. For what seemed like 6 months, I got zero traction.

Nada. Zip. 0 income.

I even thought of charging the wife for a photo session just to show some business activity.

I had to do something drastic to change these ways.

So I started to study anything I could get my hands on that included marketing, selling, consumer psychology. I devoured sales books and any sales videos I could get my hands on.

I realized that there were many other businesses that were doing well, not because of their photography, but because of their marketing/sales (two different functions) and their systems.

I had learn. How can I do that?

I gradually began to see improvements not only in my sales but in my confidence.

Then the realization came to me that I had to specialize - to become in demand. Which is good and bad.

For the next 10 years I specialized in Wedding photography.

After covering countless weddings, eating vendor meals every Saturday, and growing tired of brides asking me to remove their back fat...I was done.

I came to realization that although it’s great to be in demand, my income was choked because I don’t have the technology to clone myself.

Then I hit the wall.

I’d spent 10 years devoted to photography, learned a lot specific to photography, but also a lot of general knowledge of marketing, sales, copy etc.

I said to myself, I want to be able to make sales/money where my time wasn’t a factor on the front end - meaning I wanted to leverage salesmanship multiplied - which is copywriting.

With that, here’s a quick little sales example that could be used in the photography market.


If you’re one of “those” photographers, you’ll want to read this…

Here’s a strange solution to your “Chimperitis” problem.

What is Chimperitis you ask?

It’s the repetitive motion of looking at the back of your digital camera’s LCD screen, after each shot.

Why do they call it chimping? Well imagine if you think you got a great shot, then you show other people, and point to your LCD screen while saying “ooh ooh ooh” like a chimpanzee.

Dear Photographer,

Just like you, I used to suffer from Chimperitis.

That constant hunching over and squinting at the back of my camera was making me miserable.

Not to mention I was developing major cramps in my shoulder and neck area.

More importantly and it wasn’t until later when I overheard a bridesmaid say, “He’s not even paying attention to what’s going on.”

I thought to myself - Jeez, I’m at someone's wedding and missing so many moments.

I felt like crap.

And I really feel for other photographers who are going through this.

But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, one day while I was at a wedding, I had a weird idea about how to solve my Chimperitis problem.

I decided there and then I had enough. I made a shift in my technique that will probably scare most photographers but…

And much to my surprise... it worked!

At first, I thought it was a fluke. But it wasn’t.

Soon after that wedding, I told my photography buddies about and at first they laughed. C’mon Mike stop smoking that stuff.

But the laughter stopped.

They tried my technique and they realized they were cured of their Chimperitis.

I believe if it helped me, it could solve your Chimperities too!

I can show you exactly what I did and how you can do the same thing in as little as one photography session.

But hurry, I only have 10 copies of this course available.

Right now it’s priced at the low price of $47.

That won’t be the case forever.

Grab the course today and watch your Chimperitis problem go away by tomorrow.

Chat soon,


P.S. If you buy today, I’ll also give you

Don’t put this off anymore.

Go here….

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