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How walking a dog made this guy rich

As part of my daily relax and veg routine I spend some quality time with YouTube.

Like most I have a select few channels that I’m subscribed too...something like 238 at last count.

Yeah I’ve given up on TV.

I’m sure there’s an online course by some Internet guru about how to overcome one’s battle with YouTube addiction.

Anyways...I somehow came across a video of George de Mestral.

The video…”How a dog invented velcro”.

Alright that's a bit of an exaggeration but his dog did play a big role.

The Swiss engineer was out for a hunting trip with his pooch when he noticed the annoying habit of burrs sticking to the dogs fur (and his socks).

Legend has it...later that day while looking under a microscope Mestral observed the tiny "hooks" that stuck burrs to fabrics and dog fur.

Light bulb moment!

After years of working and refining his idea the product as we know it - Velcro, took off.

The rest as they say is money in the pocket.

Now if that isn’t one of the best rags to mega riches stories I’ve ever heard I don’t know what is.

You know what?

Most of us won’t go on to rake in millions of green from a Velcro like invention.

And that’s ok.

Yet most of us have a story in us like George did with his dog.

As business owners it’s tempting to try a make our product or services sound complicated to impress our “followers”.

But guess what?

YOU’RE almost for sure overlooking a simple story that’s every bit as juicy as the Velcro one.

EVERY legit business has amazing stories like George’s to tell.

They’re a massive asset that’s probably more valuable than just about anything else in your business.

And it’s because they’re uniquely YOURS.

We know that our competitors will try and rip off and copy our products and services but they can't copy our stories.

Digging out these gold nuggets and polishing them until they shine like a poor rappers grill is one of the most profitable things you can spend your time on.

And yet there’s one big problem.

Want to know why?

You're so close to your business that it's almost impossible to spot these marketing beauties.

Which is why it's smart to get an outside perspective.

I can help you unearth the golden sales stories that are probably locked inside your noggin.

When you work with me I'll help you step outside your business and find YOUR "stories that sell."

Click the link below and let’s get started:

Chat soon


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