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Want more opens, clicks and sales from your
ecommerce emails? 

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You’re an ecommerce brand with great products and a good sized list.

You know that great email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective things you can do for your brand.

Because you know that...

  • email should be one of your highest ROI channels

  • email is NOT dead and will not be dying anytime soon

  • You know you should have some email automations setup

But when you look at your email stats...

  • your engagement and conversions are low

  • your email revenue isn't where you want it

  • and you think you need way more subscribers to make things happen

Here's the thing...

The problem isn’t the size of your list…

Here's the thing...if you've got an ecommerce store, you know there's other brands selling similar products.

But you're still trying to figure out...

  • How do make people pay attention to what you're saying?

  • How do you set your brand apart from the competition?

  • How do you increase your email conversions and make more sales?

More importantly...

How do you create a brand that...

  • People love buying from

  • They trust

  • Gets repeat buyers

It comes down to YOUR positioning

And by using words (not images) to create a message that...

Makes your brand stand out in your customer's brain.

As a successful ecommerce brand you want your emails to...

  • Sound like they're coming from another human (not from the Terminator)

  • Make an emotional connection with stories

  • Have fun and show that your brand has a unique personality

If that's you, then great.

Because my goal is to create fun, personal email automations that lead to email engagement and sales.

The best part...

By focussing on text based emails (with some pictures),

It will increase your email deliverability.

So if you're looking for email automations that can grow your ecommerce business and help generate more revenue then…

You're going to LOVE my work.

Hi, I'm Mike...

I help Ecommerce businesses create behaviour based, automated emails that are fun, engaging and show your business is made up of real people that care.

I'm also holding my breath and sucking in my gut for you while the photographer took that photo.



That's great and I'm also sorry to disappoint you because...

It's not dramatic or over the top as your favourite Netflix series.
When most ecommerce brands think of "new strategies" they usually...

Start getting all hot and sweaty thinking about new software or plugins, maybe a secret technique or hack.

But the thing is...

My answer is to avoid graphic heavy, HTML templates, that look like every other ecommerce brand.
Here's the thing...

Are you wondering what strategies are working when it comes to

ecommerce email marketing?

Sending emails that LOOK like emails (like the message you're reading right now) tends to work best

Using things like...

Plain Text

Painting a picture with words

Proven direct response copywriting techniques

Visual, descriptive language


Give a reason to buy

Call to action (CTA)

Personalized and automated

I can make your reader feel like they're the ONLY person in the world

And guess what?
Personalized, timely and relevant emails are ALWAYS going to work well, because people crave being spoken to like a real person.
If you want ecommerce emails that can grow your list and increase your revenue...
Then contact me now.

"People read what interests them...sometimes that's an ad."

- Howard Gossage



People don't want ads in their inbox

see the difference below...

Text emails
  • Text emails promote stories about your customers and your brand

  • Text emails have engaging content

  • Text emails focus on OUTCOMES over products

  • Text emails build a trust

  • Text emails encourage a relationship

  • Text emails make sales 

  • Text emails boost repeat purchases

  • Text emails improve deliverability

  • Text emails are key to referrals

Graphic emails
  • Graphic emails get deleted

  • Graphic emails get ignored

  • Graphic emails get blocked

  • Graphics emails get forgotten

  • No one opens their email hoping for another ad

  • Graphic emails encourage bad buying behaviour

Are you constantly discounting and slashing your prices just to make a sale?

That's a good way to burn out your email list and causes people to lose respect for your brand 

There's good news...

Email marketing is becoming MORE important than ever before. 

Because people are getting tired of the crap they see in their social media feeds. 

People would rather read good emails (that they voluntarily subscribed for) from brands they love.

That's the great thing about your email marketing, it's controlled by the reader.

Not by some social media giant wearing jeans and a hoodie.

Ecommerce brands are starting to realize that nobody cares about how well designed their emails are

They're starting to realize that it's the copy that makes people read their emails and take action.

And you know what, you have to be honest with yourself...

Do you think your readers open your email and say...

"Damn...look at the size of that product shot in the header!"


"I'm so glad this company was able to find new stock photos with models doing the pouty face and looking off into the distance"

Yeah, that's NOT what they're saying and you probably know that.

Here's the thing...

With words you can change the perception of your brand

With a few words you can instantly change your readers mood and their actions.

It's hard to do that with graphics or pictures because they're open to opinion.

Your BRAND is how you make people feel with every interaction they have with you

Instead of trying to:

  • build your brand around a cool logo

  • or a fancy email template that only impresses graphic designers

  • or neglecting the relationship you have with your customers

What you could be doing is:

  • Sharing stories about your customers and how they're using your products

  • Sharing the story of your brand and how you started

  • Entertaining readers with your valuable info on how they can use your product


Every email SHOULD be written so that it not only entertains people... but also helps people move closer to their goals.


How does that sound?

Are you ready to stop running constant sales and get your subscribers to see the true value behind your products?

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • You've done good job on the front end with paid media and you have a good sized list

  • You want to free up some time and have email automations installed so you can focus on other things in your business

  • You'd like to increase your customers lifetime value and overall profit margin 

  • You have a budget to invest 

  • You're friendly and easy to work with

If that's you, then hit the big green button below and tell me a little bit about your ecommerce business and what your goals are.

Want to start earning more with your email list?

Fill in the boxes...

Thanks for doing that, I'll be in touch soon.


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